Balls of Steel: Creature Attack!

Two tables means twice the fun!

This is pinball action at its very best, and you can't beat the value of getting two full pinball tables in one quick, easy and FREE download!

See! top secret experiments go horribly wrong. Fight! strange alien attackers. Launch! an exciting assault on your senses in two thrilling pinball games in one amazing package. Whether you choose to battle genetic mutations or outer world invaders, incredible graphics and breath-taking action bring all the excitement of pinball to your desktop.

Screen shots

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What cool stuff do I get to do?

  • Flip your way through more than 30 exciting missions.
  • Feed the beast for 3-ball multiball.
  • Two balls are better than one! Use the duplicator to start the 2-ball!.
  • Splat the toxic spores for big bonus points.
  • Fire around the accelerator loop then smash the captive ball..
  • Power up the cyclotron!
  • Lock balls in the slurping, sucking egg tube for 3-ball.
  • Squish the bugs in the Crawler Attack 2-ball!
  • Test your reflexes in the dotpanel video games.
  • Lock and load the Super Cannon to blast those aliens to oblivion!
  • ... and much, much more!

What the press have said

The table graphics in the close up view are strikingly beautiful. Everything is well animated and the ball looks very real.
-Christian Schock, Intelligamer

Balls of Steel is a scorchingly hot, highly addictive pinball game that assaults the senses with terrific table graphics and animations, and ear-shattering sound effects. More importantly, the tables are remarkably playable, and have been infused with an extraordinary amount of creativity, imagination, and (this is the best part) out-and-out fun!
–David Laprad, Adrenaline Vault

Wildfire Studios, a small Australian software company, has dared to develop Balls of Steel … and they have managed to blow the socks off the competition. While the game's clever title hinted at great promise, I had no idea ... about the incredible experience that was to follow.
–Bob Mandel, Gamezilla


So what are you waiting for? All the fun is just a free download away!

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