Devil's Island Pinball

What a bargain! This has to be the best value island getaway ever!

Get lost exploring the perilous jungle, erupting volcanoes and forbidden temples of Devil's Island. Fight for your life against the crazed headhunting cannibals, vicious scorpions, deadly snakes, and the evil Voodoo Witchdoctor.

With so much fast paced, immersive, and challenging pinball action, once you get stuck on Devil's Island, you'll never want to leave!

Yes, take me there now: I want to play for FREE!

Screen shots

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What cool stuff do I get to do?

  • Flip your way through more than 15 exciting missions.
  • Your nerves will be right on the edge with the pounding tribal soundtrack!
  • Clock up some quick points with the Witchdoctor 2-ball.
  • Bash the Big Ugly Head to reveal the 3-ball lock!
  • Lock balls in the belly of the idol for the Golden Idol 3-ball.
  • Brew the anti-zombie potion to activate the Zombie Hunt 4-ball.
  • Survive the Volcanic Nightmare 5-ball, with hot lava balls erupting from the volcano!
  • Fight off killer snakes, spiders and scorpions.
  • Splatter the bloodthirsty cannibals dancing right on the pinball table!
  • ... and much more!

What the fans think

This game is a lot of fun especially for lovers of pinball games. Light years ahead of the original Sims Pinball game, Devil's Island Pinball with its graphics and sounds is terrific. Easy to learn.
-Sandra Thorpe, GA

This is one of the best pinball games I've played on PC in ages... it hearkens back to the glory days of Pinball Dreams, with lots of cool effects and crazy bonus jackpots (like the various multiball possibilities!) The pinball reacts like a real pinball does on a low to moderate slope with stong flippers. Worth buying!
-Slasher, ND

Devils Island is about rhe funnest game I have played in a long time. the problem with the game is you just can't turn it off. I love the extra's like the canables dancing around the pot. love that pin ball game. thanks for creating such a great game.
-leila goodrich, UT

I love playing pinball games and this one is the greatest that I have found. Anyone who loves pinball should play this one. The graphics are great and the sounds are like the real table ones.
-Shanie King, Swansboro, NC

This is the best pinball game ever. once you get familiar to how it works with the bonuses and everything its awsome. I love the scrolling view...takes a little to get used to but when you do you dont need to be able to see your got to feel it baby!
-Big Daddy, Woodbury


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